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  • asked in Media 7th May '15:

    In reference to the exodus of Africans to Europe, sailing across the Mediterranean to Italy. Is it an issue of additional controls to be put in place?. What is your opinion on the escalating migration, its reasons, generated reactions, and consequences?.

    Saudah Mayanja replied 28th May '15:

    I do not think the solution lies in putting more controls in place to keep the migrants out. I think the Mediterranean is already an effective deterrent, especially considering the number of lives lost at sea in these dangerous crossings.
    The answer lies within Africa itself and it is well past time that we adopted the idea of sufficiency. Not all our problems should be sorted at the hands of past colonial masters. We need to fix the underlying problem - extreme poverty that results into such desperation.
    The destabilisation of the North African countries certainly has contributed massively to the escalating migration of Africans to Europe. Where before security services in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya were able to keep a lid on the migration, those countries have been thrown into so much disarray that policing their extremely porous borders has fallen by the wayside.
    The mostly negative reaction from European countries is perfectly reasonable for they do not have limitless resources and most have yet to fully recover from the global economic shocks of the past decade. However reasonable though, I cannot say they have been humane.
    But I still firmly believe that the solution must be an African one, The continent has more than enough resources to cater to its people. The problem lies in a lack of civic responsibility and conscienceless consumption of national resources by a mighty few.
    The rapaciousness needs to stop. And once these desperate people have some access to a measure of social services, they would have no need to escape to Europe.

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