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  • Walid S Maani

    Walid S Maani asked in Applied Sciences 15th Jul '13:

    Does the prevalence of part time academicians in medical school affect the quality of graduating students adversely? Who will do the continuous mentoring, if every one comes in for few hours and disappears to reappear in 3 days' time? wouldn't it be better if all staff are full timers (provided that they are compensated financially), engaged solely in the teaching process rather than scatter efforts between making a living and trying to be a teacher?

    Frank Mazza replied 14th Aug '13:

    Part time faculty bring an important perspective

    I would certainly agree that full time, dedicated academics are essential to the education of every medical student. However, I believe that part time faculty serve an important, additional role.

    Part time academics bring the perspective of practice in the real world, and most medical students eventually find themselves out in that setting as private practitioners.  They are usually unencumbered by a primary attachment to full time research, and they commonly have a broader perspective on clinical practice as a result.  Because they typically practice close to, if not completely on a full time basis, they also bring a level of procedural expertise that sometimes represents more than full time academics can offer.  All in all, they complement the unique contributions that only a full time academic can provide for medical students.

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