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  • Waleed Gharaibeh

    Waleed Gharaibeh asked in Social Sciences 25th Feb '13:

    What are the traditional infant sleep positioning and related practices, such as swaddling and cradling, in your country or community? How did these practices change in the last few generations in response to modern medical recommendations and lifestyle transformations?

    Eman Zahran replied 11th Apr '13:

    Infant sleep positioning

    Comments on progress of infant sleep positioning

    Unfortunately, I am not a mother and pediatrics is not my nursing specialty. So I tried to answer your question according to what I know from my friends in Egypt. In Egypt, mothers usually set their infants on right sided position and sometimes on prone position with their head on one side, and this practice did not change over few recent years. In addition, some of educated mothers do not put their infants on their backs to prevent aspiration. Long time ago, it was known that babies were sleeping close to one or both parents. In the few recent years, an alternative to bed sharing is that parents place their infant at the bedside bassinets or in a crib near their bed to allow for more convenient breastfeeding and parent contact and observation. In fact Swaddle techniques were used by Ancient Egyptians, who wrapped their babies in long strips of cloth, a procedure taking as long as two hours. Infant swaddle was believed to develop proper posture, this is still believed by many women in rural areas. Yet, in the city, it is rare now to find a mother wrapping her baby unless the room is not warm enough. Infants usually wear salopette before sleeping and swaddles are not used. Finally, one of the common observations is that a great number of mothers used to give their breast to their infants to help them to sleep even if they are not hungry.

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