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  • Steven Sherwood

    Steven Sherwood replied 23rd Feb '16:

    Global warming, the scientific community worldwide has attributed this to human activities,yet skeptics have argued against that stating the increase has only been 0.74C since the late 19th century, and that in fact temperatures are cooling.Is global warming happening or is it just a hoax for more taxation and control?Can it be accurately measured ?If so how bad is it and are we facing real danger globally?
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  • Alberto Puchetti

    Alberto Puchetti replied 18th Mar '13:

    Green Roofs have a long standing history, yet modern green Roofs are a relatively new phenomenon which were developed in Germany and has since spread to many countries.Green Roofs have numerous Environmental, Building and Economic benefits.What is the criteria to be implemented in order to make Green Roofs more widely spread and an integral part of urban landscaping? What strategies should governments adopt to make Green Roofs a fundamental component in reducing the carbon foot print worldwide?
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