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  • Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili replied 23rd Feb '16:

    Is sexual orientation a choice? Most scientists agree that both nature and nurture play a complex intertwined part in determining a person’s sexual orientation. In the light of latest research findings, focusing on a person’s brain structure, hormones, genes and environment, is it safe to say that a person’s sexual orientation is not a choice?
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  • Pranesh Sacher

    Pranesh Sacher replied 29th May '13:

    Can happiness be an end goal that we should pursue or do we need to accept happiness as merely being a fleeting feeling that we will enjoy from time to time?
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  • Keith Dobson

    Keith Dobson replied 25th Feb '13:

    In extreme forms of domestic violence, both in general and in the case of honour killings in some parts of the world in particular, where violence against women especially girls is perpetuated, sanctioned, and often watched by the relatives of the victim; why would parents, that were born with the basic instinct of nurturing and protecting their children at all costs, turn upon them and proceed to kill them in the most horrific ways? What are the forces that override this basic instinct?
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