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  • P.Moorthy

    P.Moorthy replied 17th Apr '17:

    Is the world, due to the rise of China and Russia at the global scene, becoming bipolar again? Do you agree that living in a bipolar (political/economic) world is safer, as opposed to unipolarism?.
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  • Aldrin Naidu

    Aldrin Naidu replied 23rd May '16:

    Has the role of the press and media changed? What happens to the good old neutrality and objectivity?
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  • Johannes Nugroho

    Johannes Nugroho replied 21st Dec '15:

    What is meant by Islamophobia? Why has it surfaced in the past two decades more so than before? How much is caused by the rise of political and militarist Islam in the Arab and Muslim worlds, as well as in the West; or do you believe the origins of the phobia go beyond?
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  • Emily Hubbell

    Emily Hubbell replied 12th Jul '15:

    Is multiculturalism on the rise or the decline? Where in the world has it succeeded and where has it run into obstacles?
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