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  • asked in Hospitality & Travel 25th Mar '16:

    Some restaurants are moving towards banning tipping, claiming a host of reasons!. Tipping at a restaurants has become an integral part of the going out experience?. How do you feel about the concept of banning tipping at restaurants?.

    Nermeen M Murad replied 27th Apr '16:

    I think removing a condition requiring guests to tip is a good idea. Banning it completely is going a little bit far with this sentiment. Restaurants usually allow tips because it allows them to give lower salaries to their staff. The tips are usually collected and divided up among the staff (including kitchen staff) or in some restaurants to the waiter who served you. At first glance it appeared like a win win situation for the restaurants because as I mentioned earlier lower salaries and an incentive to give better service to the guests.

    What is happening in some restaurants however is that waiters have learned to pamper the big tippers that they have come to recognise because they are dealing directly with guests and the service became inconsistent and new guests may have received less than acceptable service.

    I believe giving tips should go back to being totally discretionary and not always expected. There should not be a line "very strongly" recommending a tip. I wouldn't say that giving a tip adds to my experience of going to restaurants. I am much happier paying for what I ordered and not worrying about supplementing the pay check of the restaurant employees. But then restaurants could very well add that "percentage" to the cost of the meal.

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  • Ziaullah Rahmani

    Ziaullah Rahmani replied 5th Jan '15:

    Does religion view the body and sexual pleasure as a personal choice, sin or a tool for procreation. "my body is mine and I am free to use it as I see fit" is a statement of free choice or a challenge to religion and society?
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  • asked in Media 10th Sep '14:

    Should voting citizens focus on the "Democratic Process" or the "Accountability Process", in politics?.

    Nermeen M Murad replied 1st Oct '14:

    The importance of democracy is based in the fact that it provides for an accountability process. Citizens would actually achieve a democratic process if they supported and required an accountability process as the backbone of democracy. So the question is not providing a choice between two disparate concepts, as far as I am concerned, especially in developing countries like Jordan where democratic fanfare (i.e. parliamentary elections, political parties etc) remain ineffective and largely void because it didn't provide for a clear accountability system that holds officials and public service providers accountable for fullfilling their duties. The question is establishing the critical relationship between the two intertwined tracks for good governance with democratic systems.

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  • Eddie Bhawanie

    Eddie Bhawanie replied 19th May '13:

    Why is it that we need to believe that God exists?
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