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  • Nasser Sharaf

    Nasser Sharaf asked in Music 18th Aug '15:

    How do you feel about technology in music affecting the art and craft of music composition?

    Kurt Maloo replied 18th Aug '15:

    I always saw the composition and music recording apps as convenient helpers in the process of putting down ideas and working them out with appropriate sounds. The actual song I write with my guitar, then deconstruct and build it again with the new technology. I know that this is not the usual process and I can see the danger of getting lost in the myriads of possibilities the modern apps are offering. I often wonder how classical composers like Beethoven must have felt when they heard their compositions for the first time, after constructing them mostly in their heads and on the piano. Maybe some sessions with a few strings in advance to see how it would sound on certain instruments, but never hearing the final work until shortly before the premiere. I'm glad there are recording and arranging apps...

    Kurt Maloo

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