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  • asked in Families 31st Mar '16:

    As parents experience divorce process, which child age groups are most vulnerable by the break up? Which aspects do you believe children are most vulnerable towards?.

    Liz Davies replied 31st Mar '16:

    Children of all ages are vulnerable but the impact varies depending on the child and how the parents handle the situation. Many parents manage the situation very well keeping their children at the centre of their concern and working together to achieve the best interests of the children. The most damaging scenarios are when the child is exposed to parental conflict - emotional abuse, neglect and physical violence and when they are manipulated by one parent against the other. The children's needs are paramount in law and they should be involved and consulted during any mediation processes and access counselling in all such situations - as appropriate to their age and development. A child abused though exposure to parental conflict should be subject to a multi-agency child protection plan to keep them safe.

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