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  • Rashid Narain Shukul

    Rashid Narain Shukul asked in Humanities 1st Jun '15:

    Given our hectic pace at which we consume; measure our success in terms of social acceptability... where do you think, we are heading? Is our goal Happiness and Peace?

    PURUSHOTTAMA BILIMORIA replied 2nd Jun '15:

    We are heading towards increase in consumerism, corporate monopoly, global decline in democratic values and practices, welcome to corpo-poli-lobby-cracy. I teach classes on nonviolence (bringing in Jain, Buddhist, Gandhian, Civil Rights struggles where nonviolence was the premium); a senior colleague of mine who is himself a Jain and a renown scholar of Buddhism, rebuked me with the words: "Don't waste your time teaching nonviolence and peace and all that Gandhi-Jain stuff; that is all old-story now; no-one is interested in nonviolence, they only believe in violence, they want war..gone are the days of nonviolence.." He might be right; half the students in my class couldn't care less whether we resort to nonviolence or to violence; the raging conflicts and problems of the world begin with the turbulence in the far away regions and these must be fixed at all cost: we cannot afford not to be patriotic and nationalistic. The same feeling runs through today's India as well.

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