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  • Maninder Kohli

    Maninder Kohli asked in Outdoors 6th Apr '15:

    While trekking or climbing in the Himalaya you are bound to pass through some remote mountain villages. People in these parts live a simple life and have limited needs which they are able to fulfill through resources available to them. One area which is of concern is how do they cook. They use an open fire which uses up a lot of firewood, the process is time consuming and in the process of cooking lots of harmful smoke is emitted which is a health issue. A solution is required to assist them.

    Jill Baumgartner replied 6th Apr '15:

    The smoke from cooking with firewood contributes to almost 4 million deaths per year and its a major contributor to climate warming and glacial melting in regions like the Himalayas. Electric stoves or cleaner-burning fuels like LPG can dramatically reduce people's exposure to smoke, but there needs to be plans in place to get these fuels to remote homes. More efficient wood-burning stoves also exist and may also be a possible solution to reduce smoke and fuelwood requirements, though none have been as successful in reducing air pollution as electricity or gaseous fuels.

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