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  • asked in Media 12th Feb '15:

    Do Journalists take "care" not to offend readers, when they write for a publication?. What in your opinion, should Journalists sensitivities be, when writing an article?.

    Bindu Bhaskar replied 12th Feb '15:

    The power of the mass media should never be underestimated. Any damage caused cannot be easily undone or revoked. Journalists must be sensitive to the consequences of offending someone when their work appears in the public domain. There is a critical difference between unsubstantiated opinion and thoughtful prose. Journalists must be guided by reason and not emotion. Understanding the politics of victim-hood and speaking up for real victims should remain a constant endeavour for journalists. This might offend some powerful vested interests. Journalists must struggle to find a balance between the right to object and the right to offend.

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