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  • asked in Personal Wellness 10th Mar '14:

    In your opinion, should Pharmacists be trained and permitted to practice primary health care diagnosis and treat patients, over the counter "OTC"?.

    Betty Baba replied 6th Apr '14:

    The increased demand on the primary health care…

    One of the ways in which these counties responded to the problem of labour shortage is through recruiting of foreign workers.

    The majority of the developed countries are facing a shortage of healthcare workers which many attribute to population ageing.

    One of the ways in which these counties responded to the problem of labour shortage is through recruiting of foreign workers. 

    France has the best health care system. Patients are attended to 24/24 daily.

    The GPs are always on call and the pharmacists have rotating night shifts to meet the required demands of emergencies 

    The increased demand on the primary health care system providers is legitimate.

    What are the efforts made by policy makers to resolve the problem in Canada?

    According to a study over 19,000 Canadian nurses reported   having   poor physical   and emotional health,(Statistics Canada, 2006).

    The overload of these nurses, long work hours, etc contributed to their poor health to some extend some resigned.

    The problem will not be resolved by pharmacist’s aid in managing work load.

    In Quebec, 2,000,000 people have no family doctor. The shortage of family doctors is a problem for our society.

    The inclusion of immigrant physicians in Canada should be able to resolve the problem in time and space.

    For example Quebec  refusing  to accept  the credentials of  competent  of recognized professional degrees  from even developed countries to fill the shortage  of physicians  in  hospitals, and even the   shortage of family   doctors  to ensure  that  majority  should receive  the health care  they need.

    According to  the  Quebec  college  advisory  board  the  reason is  public protection.

    Is it not even more dangerous to live with the shortage of workers in fields such as health?

    The  college  of physicians  should  be less  protectionist , more  open  and more tolerant in order to resolve the  shortage confronting us today.

    Almost 16% of Canadians living in urban areas have no family doctor.

    If foreign physicians are employed it would be beneficial to Canadian by giving them access to more doctors rather than   handing over the task to the Pharmacists.   

    Primary health care services are performed by some Pharmacists in communities, like those in need of “first aid”.

    In the case of France it’s not their duty.

    In the developing counties most Pharmacists attend to patients.

    In order to improve  growing health care needs it ‘s important   to eliminate   the obstacles for all  foreign-trained health  professionals   this  will  reduce   waiting  times  at  clinics and  hospitals .

    What is important with the physicians they have physical contact with their patients evaluated by a nurse before they see the doctors in the hospital.

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