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  • asked in Media 21st Aug '13:

    Some say that we are experiencing Middle Class objections and apprehensions all over world. The economic down turn is a cause and affect, what else do you believe is stirring the emotions of the Middle Class, around the world?.

    Carmina F Bayombong replied 20th Sep '13:

    A Middle Class Dilemma

    A dilemma in which the middle class has trouble with identifying where to belong-- the lower or upper class? This triggers a mixture of emotions for the middle class.

    The identification of middle class is different in so many societies. I guess that the general identification of middle class is highly dependent on its environment's lower and upper class. 

    Economic stands are usually in two extremes, and this makes it hard for the middle class to identify stands. I think some would feel reluctant to identify with the lower because they already have a more comfortable situation. At the same time, it is hard to side with the upper because they obviously have too much. Hence, there is a dilemma on the middle class' objections on the economic downturn. 

    This is just a general observation on my part. Being in the middle is hard. You know partly how the privileged ones feel but not quite too far to ignore how the less privileged feel. Hence, how do you make a stand?

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