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  • asked in Families 24th May '17:

    Do we even care, that ten companies control the food we eat?.

    Stefan Brown replied 6th Jun '17:

    This should raise some concerns about the running of the food sector. In particular small producers and farmers may be negatively impacted by a small number of companies controlling the food we eat.

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  • asked in Families 12th Apr '16:

    What advice would your share with a person that has decided to get married at the age of twenty one, fresh out of college?

    Stefan Brown replied 3rd May '16:

    The advice I would give is to encourage them to think about what they want out of life. It would be helpful for them to consider what they would like to do in the next year, five years and 10 years. They can look at this broadly in a number of areas - employment, family, leisure activities, travel.

    Aligned to this will be what their hope is around marriage - is marriage something positive for them, a decision to please the wishes of others, an attempt to avoid something else.

    One technique to explore is to make a list of all the positives they can think of around getting married and then make a list of all the negatives they are aware of.

    Further to this a useful thing to do would be to speak with people who they know who are married and know them well - have a honest question and answers time.

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  • asked in Families 11th Sep '14:

    Germany is the first European country to permit 3rd gender option on its Official forms. Gender "X", the new law provides parents a choice, if there are medical complications with their baby. For certain adults, the law provides the option to be more accurate!. Will the EU countries follow the German example.

    Stefan Brown replied 11th Nov '14:

    This is an interesting development. It would be interesting to know which adults will be allowed this 3rd gender. Is it based on self-perception or someone certifying that a person can be classified as third gender.

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