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  • asked in Natural Sciences 22nd Jul '18:

    As a scientist,how important is it to reach out to science rejectionist?.

    Steven Sherwood replied 4th Aug '18:

    It is always important to be open to dialog with those of different views. It's probably hard for a scientist to have much impact on anyone who rejects science outright, but I think it is important for scientists to explain how science works; how funding and science jobs work; how past scientific controversies have played out; and what motivates scientists, experts in general, and those who commentate on science. This might give people a better idea of whom they should trust and why or why not.

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  • Abeer S Jabaji

    Abeer S Jabaji asked in Environment 22nd Feb '16:

    Global warming, the scientific community worldwide has attributed this to human activities,yet skeptics have argued against that stating the increase has only been 0.74C since the late 19th century, and that in fact temperatures are cooling.Is global warming happening or is it just a hoax for more taxation and control?Can it be accurately measured ?If so how bad is it and are we facing real danger globally?

    Steven Sherwood replied 23rd Feb '16:

    The world is continuing to warm and is nearing 1C since preindustrial times. This warming will extend to several C if most fossil fuels are burnt, which would transform the planet and leave tropical regions difficult for humans to live in. I find it hard to believe that the notion of thousands of scientists around the world perpetrating a hoax for the sake of taxation or "control" (neither of which would benefit the scientists themselves, since we are not politicians) would be believable to anyone. No scientific community has ever perpetrated a hoax before and there would be no reason to do so now. This problem is real and we better deal with that instead of entertaining fantasies.

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