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  • asked in Environment 16th May '16:

    In your opinion, are we still losing the battle against climate change? Do you believe we are improving our appreciation and behavior towards the environment?.

    John Ndiritu replied 16th May '16:

    Hello. It is not easy to give a straight reply to this. In reality we are still polluting the environment and some of this is inevitable. However, how much of the pollution can be prevented? Quite a lot!. The reasons why this is not happening are deeply rooted in our economic and financial systems but also in our loss of values and inability to deal/relate with each other (individually, as communities and as countries) humanely. Just think about what our ability to deal with climate change and other changes would be if 95% the resources being used for military purposes (in whatever form) were channeled to reduce poverty, hunger, food and water security, development of less polluting technology etc? Why can we not do this? The problem is the climate in our minds and attitudes (our inner climate). We need to sort this out and the war against climate change (and other serious challenges) will definitely be won. I think it will be a rocky journey though.

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