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  • Mariam Hakim

    Mariam Hakim asked in Social Sciences 8th Jan '13:

    In extreme forms of domestic violence, both in general and in the case of honour killings in some parts of the world in particular, where violence against women especially girls is perpetuated, sanctioned, and often watched by the relatives of the victim; why would parents, that were born with the basic instinct of nurturing and protecting their children at all costs, turn upon them and proceed to kill them in the most horrific ways? What are the forces that override this basic instinct?

    Yeshwanth Jadhao replied 25th Feb '13:

    My reply to the worlds most serious and concern problem....!!!!

    society is biased toward men . In many cultures Women do not enjoy equal rights as men do. Their lives and responsibilities are limited  to household chores. Since men cannot give birth to a child, they  also consider women as pious and somehow relate the dignity of the family in the society to the behavior of their women . Paradoxically men  from such society and culture thinks it is their responsibility to keep women in their control. Unfortunately women are raised believing the same thing in their entire life and hence they also start believing the same. One of the major reason why this pattern is consistent  in society is because most of the religious scripture were written by men. Hence they all are biased toward men.  Hardly any religious scriptures were written by women. Hence polygamy is very common and polyandry very rare. It is strange that when you begin a sentence describing general things addressed to human as a man, our mind also includes women to it; but it does not happen  when it is written vice versa. This is because of mind conditioning in a men biased world. The man made laws are not equal for the women since the inception of society.

    Somehow human  is a social being. Since childhood he starts learning about life from others. It is very easy for a man to believe something as truth that is already told and believed by commoners than to test the veracity of established beliefs.

    It is always very challenging  to pursue the truth especially if it is leading you against the established norms. Hence men live with a pseudo dignity developed based on society than  living with true dignity that comes from one's own consciousness.

    Because of globalization and widespread of media and news through television and internet   women from such society are  understanding what liberty means for women in other culture. When a modern women do anything that is considered blasphemy according to society driven by men made rules and regulation , family instead of understanding and supporting or forgiving their daughter, subject to domestic violence and honor killing instead of fighting against false society based on hypocrisy.

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