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  • Ahmad Y Majdoubeh

    Ahmad Y Majdoubeh asked in Humanities 3rd Apr '17:

    Is the world, due to the rise of China and Russia at the global scene, becoming bipolar again? Do you agree that living in a bipolar (political/economic) world is safer, as opposed to unipolarism?.

    P.Moorthy replied 17th Apr '17:

    I don't agree that China and Russia at the global scene become bipolar again. US will play and, of-course, is playing its part to be dominant player either in bipolar or in multiparty as things are happening in the Trump's administration. US will never get interested to loose its Bipolar status of the past. Unipolarism is bad in any sense while comparing with multipolorism in all fronts including politics and economics. What is to be kept in mind for discussion on international relations is: "public interest based activities will only take care of self interest leading to safer world ie. global knowledge society.

    Wish you all the best.

    Prof. P. Moorthy

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