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  • Riad al Khouri

    Riad al Khouri asked in Executive Management 4th Dec '12:

    In the wake of the Arab Spring, is it now feasible and desirable to renegotiate peace treaties with Israel and trade agreements with Western countries?

    Saed Zuraikat replied 28th Jan '13:

    Comment on Mr. Al Khouri's raised question

    In my personal opinion, i think that we should diffrentiate between the peace treaty with Israel and the trade agreements with western countries. Any new direction towards the peace treaty with Israel should take into consideration the possible impact on Jordan and the other Arab neihobouring countries to Israel i.e Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and especially palestine.

    As for the trade agreements with the western countries, such should be reviesed regularly and irrespective to the Arab Spring. It should take into consoideration the bilteral ineterst of Jordan and each western counrty with which Jordan has signed the trade agreement and focusing on how Jordan can maximize its benefits from each agreement to enhance its economy , reduce the employment rate etc.

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