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  • asked in Sport 12th Feb '14:

    Is it proven in team sports that a strong defense is more valuable than a strong offense?.

    Marcus Walfridson replied 13th Apr '17:

    In most team sports, the team that score more points or goals than their opponent win. What you are asking is if there is a proven method, a proven HOW to score more points than the opponent.

    Since you have to score to win, it is not possible to say that you will definitely win with the best defense. You also have to score which is offense. However there are certainly a statistical reference that you can observe for American Football that will give you a inclination to what is most likely the best choice.

    For example, in soccer there is statistical evidence that you will collect more points over time on average if you allow 0 goals than if you score 1. This may point towards your case of defense being what wins titles.

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