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  • asked in Personal Wellness 10th Mar '14:

    In your opinion, should Pharmacists be trained and permitted to practice primary health care diagnosis and treat patients, over the counter "OTC"?.

    Vinod Channa replied 6th Apr '14:


    Over the Counter Pharmcists to be Trained and permitted to practice Primary health care dignosis and Treat. Which is possible certain things like with Adversisemnt on TV, Media. From small health care products and medicines which can be allowed but its very difficult to measure because there should be following point  to be considered before dignosises or treat the Patient i.e Age, Sex, Past Medical History, Nutrition supplied through daily food, stress level, polution and Intensity of workout if you workout.

    After considering all these things we can perfectly decide what is the requirement of Person's Body which is not possible through Pharmacists because they are not professionals for all these things. So only simple things we can allow them to sugest OVER THE COUTER.

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