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  • Marc Jessel

    Marc Jessel asked in Executive Management 4th Aug '15:

    What should be the role of western cultural institutes in emerging countries and economies?

    Peter Tregear replied 5th Aug '15:

    It's a good question. Obviously such institutes should be wary of cultural imperialism, that is, using cultural outreach to demonstrate (or imply) that western culture is superior, or, unlike other cultures, universal. But we should also avoid the trap of thinking therefore that there can be no clean, positive, role for western cultural 'outreach'. Rather, such outreach can provide a powerful means through which we can break the barriers of imagination that can exist between, say, a previously subjugated and subjugating culture (or can arise between developed and developing economies).

    Just as is the case for how we now must manage the so-called 'global economy' or indeed issues such as global warming, we have to recognise that we live deeply imbricated lives, and that sharing our (i.e the West's) cultural heritage with non-Western cultures is one powerful means by which the developed world can help encourage ways of thinking and doing both locally and globally that are less exploitative, and more cooperative.

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