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  • asked in Performing Arts 19th May '19:

    Performers that are introverts, how do they manage being on stage?.

    Tebogo Kgobokoe replied 3rd Jul '19:

    Performers that are introverts often know that being on stage is a chance to be their other self, this in know as an 'alter ego'.
    Performers will take on a role, it is a beautiful experience to have a chance to perform different roles especially ones that are far opposite to own personal character. This is when the 'art' comes in to play, the performer will then use their artistic abilities to take on a character and make it come alive.
    This ability to express at the highest level, is what makes the introverts come back on stage over and over again.
    PS - Some of the world's best perfomers, are introverts.

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  • asked in Performing Arts 29th Mar '18:

    How would you help a beginner dancer to find the beat of music?.

    Tebogo Kgobokoe replied 19th Aug '18:

    You need a teacher/coach, trying to teach yourself is never advisable. depending on which genre of dance you choose, counting and dancing to music is often the most difficult.
    PS be prepare to feel silly when counting out loud, remember you are learning afterall.
    Enjoy your dancing.
    Tebogo K

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