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  • M.J.H.M. Poorthuis

    M.J.H.M. Poorthuis replied 14th May '16:

    Why we think that man is free like animals to follow whatever whims and fancies he has? In particular why today in the world things like "same sex marriage" is becoming normal that is in my opinion utterly inhumane?
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  • asked in Law 2nd Apr '16:

    As emerging nations seek to implement the rule of law. They ask, what are the national pre-requisites to be in place, to be able to implement the "rule of law"?.

    Ziaullah Rahmani replied 28th Apr '16:

    To have the rule of law first of all you have to have a suitable, implementable and people-friendly law in place. Secondly you have to have a leadership that is ready to abide by that law themselves before they enforce it on general public. Lastly you have to have an education/awareness system whereby masses are educated for accepting and owning the law before any legal regime of punishments for the violators.

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  • asked in Humanities 27th Apr '16:

    If we put aside the legal and culture perspectives towards Cannabis. What does your Good Book, teach us about Cannabis?.

    Ziaullah Rahmani replied 28th Apr '16:

    The Holy Quran (2/195) says: "---And don t throw yourself into destruction". There is no doubt that the use of Cannabis is actually harmful for human body and intellect alike. Thus it comes under the category of things that cause destruction, hence prohibited by extension of the command.

    The Holy Quran clearly commands more than once to obey God and his Messenger ie. Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace be upon him) clearly said that every intoxicating thing is strictly prohibited hence the prohibition of Cannabis.

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  • Nermeen M Murad

    Nermeen M Murad asked in Humanities 11th Dec '14:

    Does religion view the body and sexual pleasure as a personal choice, sin or a tool for procreation. "my body is mine and I am free to use it as I see fit" is a statement of free choice or a challenge to religion and society?

    Ziaullah Rahmani replied 5th Jan '15:

    Religion views the body and sexual pleasure as a basic human need and it has set some para meters for this pleasure as it has rules and regulations for every aspect of life. The basic purpose of religion is to guide the humans for leading a life in accordance with the teachings of their Creator, Who, no doubt, sent guidance with the humans to this world. Thus the path for sexual pleasure and satisfaction is marital life, that not only fulfills this basic human need but is also a way to maintain a healthy society.

    The mentioned statement is not a challenge to religion rather it is against the norms of humanity because man cannot use his bodily wishes like animals. He has to abide by some red lines in fulfilling his bodily desires. There is no concept of absolute freedom according to religion and reason. It would be illogical and impracticable to say that my body is mine and am free to do whatever I like to do, thus suicide is a crime in every legal system. To allow fulfilling sexual desires in the manner in which one would like to do it would be to allow moral suicide.

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