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  • asked in Humanities 12th May '15:

    What is your view on the concept of "hierarchy of cultures"?. Do you believe it exists between nations?. What should ranking be based on when it comes to cultures?.

    Hubert Devonish replied 13th May '15:

    All cultures are the product of cultural evolution involving communities attempting to survive in the physical and natural environment within which the cultural community developed. I don't understand the second question. Is it intended to ask if the cultures of specific nations exist in a hierarchy relative to each other? If so, the hierarchy that exists is the hierarchy of economic and military power, with those at the top being the ones associated with nations which have been historically dominant. The only question on ranking of cultures is which cultures are appropriate for a community existing in a specific ecological and geographical location, i.e. which cultures allow the community to exist and reproduce itself sustainably in relation to its natural environment.

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