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  • Jeremy Nasmith

    Jeremy Nasmith replied 6th Jan '15:

    Dance? I am tired of new, modern, contemporary, post modern or any term that sits next to the word dance with a timeline. How about a new way to say dance with the a timeline that makes what ever is created trendy and out of touch within minutes. How would you describe making dance in a 2015 perspective with out using a time word.
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  • Yousef Kawar

    Yousef Kawar asked in Music 1st Dec '14:

    What does underground electronic music mean? music revolution?

    Katie Duck replied 15th Dec '14:

    Electronic music means revolution.

    It has changed how we consider instruments as objects to aspire towards virtuosity. Those values are replaced with electronic music with values that demand us to question listening, hearing and generally a purity of ear. It bashes the theories of (for example) harmony and western music generally. It has helped us to use what we appreciate about international musics without falling on the rambling roads of fusion.

    Listening takes place in the womb early on. The baby has no brain and yet reacts to vibrations. Hearing takes place once the brain and ear is formed. Listening comes first. Electronic music forces us to remember what listening is and how hearing can be a lazy way to react on our neuron firings from one emotion to the next. Listening places ear power back in the hands of the mind of the individual. Electronic music forces me to listen. Feeling happens on the on set of the listening. Traditional western music we hear (harmony) and feel. Electronic music I choose feeling. it does not manipulate my feelings.

    There is a fear of silence for some of the electronic musicians I have worked with that I would like to encourage. Computers and boxes (loops) tends to force the musicians to work with "walls of sound" that eventually loose my ear shot. The risk seems to be silence in electronic music today.

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