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  • asked in Radio 25th Nov '18:

    For the most part, the purpose of radio stations has not changed much over the past decades?. Or, do you think other wise?.

    Laura Fernandez replied 7th Dec '18:

    radio is an intimate medium whereby we, share music, introduce artists to the public, share opinions, entertain and form bonds with the listeners.. I don’t believe the purpose has changed in the past decades but I think in some ways radio itself has changed in that, in large part those main stream radio stations are owned by large corporations and so there is a financial interest controlling things, and there are programmers that are the gate keepers and decide what gets played and a lot has to do with money, not necessarily interesting music or high quality music that is more individual. Record companies pay huge money to have their artists played and promoted. It has fallen to college radio and smaller radio stations and internet radio to break what I consider the more interesting independent artists.
    The main purpose of radio is to share music and connect with the listener! I don’t believe that will ever change but there are many other mediums now in place that can share music in a convenient way so people have a lot of choice in how they listen.

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  • asked in Personal Wellness 22nd Jan '15:

    What are your habits of happiness?

    Laura Fernandez replied 22nd Jan '15:

    I approach day with gratitude, hope and a big smile!

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