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  • Katie Duck

    Katie Duck asked in Performing Arts 6th Jan '15:

    Dance? I am tired of new, modern, contemporary, post modern or any term that sits next to the word dance with a timeline. How about a new way to say dance with the a timeline that makes what ever is created trendy and out of touch within minutes. How would you describe making dance in a 2015 perspective with out using a time word.

    Jeremy Nasmith replied 6th Jan '15:

    I'm not sure it's possible to convey that whatever dance you are creating has a "2015 perspective" without using some sort of time reference. If you don't like labels such as "modern", "contemporary", etc. perhaps you should abandon the notion of a "2015 perspective" as well. What defines a "2015 perspective"? The type of steps/movements used? The 2015 trend towards either theatrical dances and away from purely abstract work? The choice of music?
    These questions are very broad, as are the genre labels you mention earlier. If you are creating a dance in 2015 (or any year for that matter), whatever year the work is created in, and whether it will be described by others as "post modern" or "contemporary" or "insert-label-here", should be the last of your considerations. Start with interesting topical material, find or commission some good music, and create steps that convey your intent with the best dancers you can find. If all goes well, you might end up with a dance that will, by it's own merit, transcend time, and it's labels, altogether.

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