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  • asked in Personal Wellness 1st Nov '18:

    Is there an impact when technology steps ahead of society?.

    Lina Rammal replied 15th Nov '18:

    The Negative impact of high technology on society is present from years .
    Because humans have an internal tendency to evil and greed . Humans seek control and control is often through the destruction of other humans using high tech. as the weapon of various types and using social media where they make traps and wear masks from various aspects. Not everyone is ruthless and technology has facilitated our lives, but the majority exploits them in the wrong way. Mercy to the people of the earth !!

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  • asked in Hospitality & Travel 13th Jan '16:

    Where and what would you recommend for a person to experience, to enjoy the perfect alignment of food, location, and culture; in your opinion?.

    Lina Rammal replied 29th Jan '16:

    I think that most civilizations influence in the food world is that continued and spread throughout the world through the kitchens and restaurants that offer Chinese dishes , Japanese, Indian , Italian, French, Hindi and Persian . Success of these kitchens is careful not to abandon the popular taste and for raw materials in their environment and desired for being exceptional. In the far east on the borders of the Indian Ocean civilizations grow and prosper from the abundant treasures of the sea from Sammak and Alfreds and algae and white Valorz and soy and others. And in the Middle East, where an exchange of civilizations flourished and Trade this what made spices of saffron and Persian kebabs celebs . To Europe where they can not battle the frozen weather unless by a high- calorie food like pasta and Italian pizza ,also by the white sauce and French wine . And mediates all that Lebanon blend East and West in his traditional kitchen like Tabbouleh , chickpeas, eggplant , fattoush , grills , frike , mallow , grapes leaves , kibbeh and other paper . If you want to know the secret and intelligence of every civilization was admitted to her kitchen and tasting them and perhaps the best one is what previously reported .Most mentioned food rich in vitamins and proteins and conciliatory and few carbohydrates and fats other than the European Cuisine . And quite a bit to Egypt to taste the mixture and stuffed birds to Mexico to taste legumes in the the hot version like burritos , tacos and casadia . Enjoy it !

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