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  • asked in Environment 30th Nov '16:

    Some tend to believe that us Humans are the most important beings on earth. What do you think is wrong in how us Humans view other beings?.

    Roger Wells replied 30th Nov '16:

    Our problem is we do not understand anything outside of life.
    We were born out of the universal into the cocoon of our lives, and because we were born unconscious, we have no idea of our origins.
    Then we live our life in a world which only speaks to 'me'. And everything in our world seems to revolve around this 'I' we call by our name ... until we die.
    And on death, the 'me' we have always assumed we were, it evaporates, and our sense of self merges back into the universal it came from - along with all the other things that die each second of each day.
    And the life we lived, and the 'I' we thought we were - they are as if they never existed. And it is only at that point of death that we realize that the timeless universal we have returned to is our home - and the life we thought was so valuable was simply a temporary aberration.
    But it's too late to tell anyone - we're dead.
    And here lies the problem - we're born unconscious, and it's only at the point of death that we discover the truth of how insignificant our life actually was, and how profoundly interconnected we are with all things.
    So each human lives their lives in ignorance of what they need to know to understand on an experiential level, that all things are our brother and sister. That all things have the same source and the same destination.
    So the tragedy of experiential ignorance goes on.
    And we go on treating everything as if it were separate from us, to be used by us.
    And religion tries to tell us the truth of our existence, but most of us don't believe it. It's too archaic and shrouded in anachronistic rituals and prejudices. It has no credibility.
    What we actually need is to experience the truth of death as a part of life - whole life, not just 'I' - but that will never happen.
    So the tragedy of our ignorance goes on, and we suffer, and we are cruel and stupid.

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