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  • asked in Finance 7th Sep '16:

    How would you address economic disparities between the haves and the have nots?.

    Kazi Mahmood replied 7th Sep '16:

    Ask the have's to contribute 2.5% of their dormant treasures to charity. It is a form of personal or individual CSR or call it Individual Social Responsibility.
    Make it compulsory. Enforce it.
    But the receiving body must be of trusted values, non-corrupt, and today it is not impossible to achieve that if we make greater use of high end electronic solutions.

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  • asked in Media 24th May '15:

    A number of countries around the world enforce a policy to block certain social, entertainment, and or political websites?. In light of the reach of the Internet, is there any merit to such policies; when it comes to local politics, in your opinion?.

    Kazi Mahmood replied 24th May '15:

    There are no merits at all, though in some countries, it is still the might of controlled media that continues to dominate and influence public opinion.
    In a country like Malaysia, where I live, and where the controlled media has lost a large share of its relevance, it is the credibility of the online portals that is the focus.
    The country is slowly moving into digital media, and the success of this move will depend entirely on the people's response to the various media outlets.
    Going back to blocking political websites and so on in this day and age, is totally irrelevant as the content from these portals or blogs are readily available on various other websites, and on social media.
    It is high time for the regimes that are imposing such controls to come clean and stop being mean!

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