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  • asked in Personal Wellness 10th Nov '14:

    How is maintaining proper nutrition related to maintaining good looks?. What should people know as an incentive, to focus on proper nutrition?.

    Gordon Palmer replied 11th Nov '14:

    Nutrients in our food and water nourish our cells to perform optimally. Without proper nutrition our cells are defenceless against the ageing process. Eating clean real food and taking a pharmaceutical grade supplement can help build up your cells' natural defences and slow down ageing. Good nutrition can help balance the environmental damages caused by the sun, toxins, stress, lack of sleep and more. Your body is under constant bombardment by our environment. Some of which you have control over and some not so much. Eating highly processed foods that are calorie dense, chemical laden and lacking nutrients is not a good choice if you want to avoid looking unhealthy and prematurely ageing yourself. Focusing on proper nutrition can help build your immune system and keep the ageing process under control. We all must age. You choose if you want to accelerate the process by making bad choices daily.

    Choose to be healthy, focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and take a good supplement to fill in the gaps.

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  • asked in Personal Wellness 21st Nov '13:

    The FDA finally seems to be banning "Trans Fats" used in the manufacturing process of food. Many health related activists are happy by the latest direction by the FDA. Based on your experience, what other food related matter(s) deserves the attention of activists to lobby for?.

    Gordon Palmer replied 19th Dec '13:

    Stop the chemical shit storm in our food.

    As a successful personal trainer and health coach I see people consuming way to much processed food full of chemicals

    When I begin replacing processed, chemical laden foods with clean, real food my clients get amazing results.  This is not an easy process for many people as they are addicted to flavour enhancers and other food additives that food scientists add to food for that exact purpose. They are paid to keep you coming back for more of that very brief, feel good sensation.  Clients can go through anything from withdrawal headaches, cravings and mood swings to fatigue.  Adding in clean real food like vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, lean proteins etc. can also taste bland compared to highly flavoured processed food because we have no idea what real food tastes like any more.  It takes time to regain the taste for these foods and they also can cause some discomfort as the detox process gets under way.  Once you do develop at taste for real food then processed food seems very overwhelming to the taste buds.  I'm not a scientist but I believe personally that these chemicals mess with everything from our digestive system to our hormone balances causing premature ageing and illness.  Stop the chemical shit storm that is replacing good healthy food.

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