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  • Rashid Narain Shukul

    Rashid Narain Shukul asked in Media 3rd Apr '17:

    How is media clandestinely shaping our psyche as per the requirements of the established industrial order?
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  • Afsana Ahmed

    Afsana Ahmed asked in TV & Film 21st Jun '16:

    Journalism in India is going through a massive transformation. It's only now we are recognizing the potential of digital media. In such a scenario what is the best way, for print journalists with substantial experience to go about meeting the new challenges in the media?

    Rashid Narain Shukul replied 18th Jul '16:

    Changing platforms do not change basics of journalism. However, each media comes with its idiosyncrasies and grammar. Reacquaint your self with writing for the New Media, rest will come naturally. Just be flexible, directness and brevity in composition may be a good way to start.

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  • asked in Media 14th Jul '16:

    How can news be made more interesting to teenagers?.

    Rashid Narain Shukul replied 14th Jul '16:

    1). Contemporary language of the teens with semi-formal syntax.
    2). Issues and affairs should be presented from their perspective.
    3). Refrain from use didactic platforms.
    4). Teens are intelligent and aware of the world around, respect their intelligence.
    5). Do not take condescending attitude.
    6). Keep it short and to the point.
    7). Don't be afraid of questioning authority and tradition.
    8). Air the views and teens point-of-views. They are not frivolous. They are the views of next generation of global leaders.

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    PURUSHOTTAMA BILIMORIA replied 2nd Jun '15:

    Given our hectic pace at which we consume; measure our success in terms of social acceptability... where do you think, we are heading? Is our goal Happiness and Peace?
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  • asked in Media 17th May '15:

    As a Media Professional, is the print media industry still a viable option?. How do you see the print media industry maturing?. What is the most difficult aspect in transforming consumers?.

    Rashid Narain Shukul replied 31st May '15:

    Print Media is undergoing change ever since advent of internet and alternative media. This does not sound death knell for traditional media. Remember, how alarmist reacted to coming of Television as death of Radio! In fact, it will grow (to be read as ‘shrink’) into a niche area with well-defined clientele, while print-to-digital movement will establish its market share. The alternative media has its own advantages; like the print, it is setting the parameters to any discourse in the public and private sphere.
    The on-going troubled financial times have had significant effects on the profitability of traditional publishing companies. Much of available money has been channelled to the smartphones, tabs, and e-publications rather than physical ink publications. Digital print does not imply dilution of content. This information and distribution revolution has brought a vast data within our reach even as we communicate and commute at an un-paralleled hectic pace. Data is chasing us, waiting to be tapped unlike in the days of yore. This paradigm shift is defining us. The transformation of customers in ever increasing consumerist tendencies does not pose any serious problem. Yes, there will be dinosaurs; dinosaurs will always go extinct.
    You (say with an average age of 34) framing this question and negotiating this answer on a digital platform is a proof that transformation has been taking for quite some time without any serious set-backs!

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