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  • asked in Environment 28th Mar '16:

    Based on your work experience, what do you believe to be an example of a "hidden miracle of earth"?.

    Noreen Weeden replied 25th Apr '16:

    The neotropical migration of birds is a hidden miracle of earth. Birds have evolved with the plants and insects. Each year songbirds make an incredible journey from their breeding grounds in the Boreal Forests to Central or South America. These birds navigate at night using the moon and stars. The birds take advantage of winds in a favorable direction but will stop due to storms or to feed, rest and get water. It is important that the birds have safe places for fresh water, food and rest. Birds provide important services for humans by consuming crop pests, biting insects like mosquitos, pollinating plants, spreading seed and showing us about harm in the environment (ex: DDT and now climate change).

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