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  • asked in Environment 18th Jan '16:

    There is a drive to incorporate clean energy. What is the best way to store this energy, and rely on it when needed?.

    Keya Acharya replied 14th Feb '16:

    This sector is still critical, though there is technology research in the making now. Currently, battery stored systems are about the only ones in general use, though I am told that bigger storage systems for feeding in to the grid is underway.

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  • asked in Environment 10th Feb '15:

    Hasn't nuclear energy proved its value / purpose / efficiency ?. Or these factors are not the point when it comes to Nuclear energy?.

    Keya Acharya replied 23rd Feb '15:

    Nuclear energy is a mixed bag of results. The accident at Fukushima has been a warning for several countries to phase out their nuclear energy systems (see Germany's current status as eg.).

    I think the question of safety in nuclear installations as well as of installation and operational costs are very important when deciding on the practicality nuclear energy.

    The ideal situation would be to use renewable energy as much as is possible, following which to integrate a mix of energy systems.

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  • asked in Media 11th Jun '14:

    Do you believe we are entering an era, where people want to change and correct past political, social, environmental... events, to make up for past mistakes?.

    Keya Acharya replied 3rd Jul '14:

    That's too sweeping a view to take of the world. In developing nations, for instance, environment very often takes a back seat to 'development', whereas in industrialised nations the political will to make hard decisions that their citizens need to comply to, is weak.. There are exceptions, though. I think the EU has many measures in place and is serious about tackling emissions in climate majorly.

    Global negotiations, in climate at least, are divisive so far, but the imperative to attend to them comes from an urgency to try for an agreement because all are affected.

    So the era to correct past mistakes, as you put it, stems only because of self-interest..

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