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  • asked in Media 5th Dec '16:

    As a journalist, do you agree that the internet of things, is changing the truth?.

    Ed Malyon replied 5th Dec '16:

    Regrettably so.

    It is now beyond the point that we can turn it around.

    I once hoped that this time of free publishing for all is a bit like when Napster and suchlike were rampant and music was available willy-nilly. Eventually, I presumed, it would get clamped down on.

    But I'm now unsure if there's any appetite for that.

    People seemingly want only to hear things that they want to hear. Confirmation bias has swollen into an unimaginable echo chamber.

    Human beings have advanced so far and developed unimaginable technologies but we choose to use them not to connect with the world, but to isolate ourselves among those who think likewise, deepening those trenches of division with people who don't share the same views.

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