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  • Imad Dajani

    Imad Dajani asked in Executive Management 28th Jun '16:

    Do you agree with the following statement: "Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the Clients." A notion that is not generally practiced much in the corporate world. Can you share your management style, your staff performance and client satisfaction as a consequence.

    Maysaloun Gammouh replied 28th Jun '16:

    As a familiar slogan "clients come first" it should be shown to customers but behind it there should be a deep support for employees specially to those who are working in the front line with customers for a long hours.

    Sometimes, employees are dealing with customers who are irrogants, angry ..etc the management after providing the appropriate training to their staff, they should keep an eye on the behavior of staff and evaluate their performance.

    Customer should feel as a "king" all the time on the other hand employee should feel that they are getting support from management in case he/she managed any situation in a proper way. It is important to do a balance and encourage employees to behave properly all the time, this can be achieved by implementing different methods to compensate and/or reward them.

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