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  • asked in Arts 19th Jul '18:

    As an artist, what question have you been trying to answer and or table, through your work?.

    Mayank Baranwal replied 26th Jul '18:

    As I have grown up, i have found the society that I live in weirder. People, here do not have specific goals for them. All they do is earn few bucks. Some might even earn a lot of it. But in the majority of cases, there's the passion, lacking which a no. of people fail to understand. They try to somehow involve themselves in work around them and then wait for the weekend which i think is completely pathetic. Then there are different kind of people. One category is such which understands the situation in which they are hemmed in but are not trying to search for a solution thinking they are quite late. Another class is which is trying to come out of it making every possible effort. But then there are people who think that the kind of life they live is how the life is and dare you speak to them about the thing they don't understand discussed, herein, they could give their whole lame set of arguments.
    So, through my art I wish i could show people that their real abilities lies within them unflourished or even discovered. It's no point jumping on the band-wagon for no obvious reason.

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