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  • Mazen A Daqaq

    Mazen A Daqaq asked in Environment 23rd Feb '17:

    In a country that is poor in water available for human consumption, is it ethical to relieve the general population from the duty of recycling since recycling, especially paper waste, is considered a high water consumption process?

    Prosun Bhattacharya replied 27th Feb '17:

    I do not think so. Recycling is an important tag for the concept of reuse and up-cycling of different products. Recycling paper waste is an important step because paper production is dependent on the forest resources. The cycling of paper gives us an opportunity to conserve the forest and thereby helps to protect the environment and also adds to the need for implementing the idea of sustainable consumption.
    Recycling of water in the paper waste recycling is also important and the efficiency of this process helps to make this paper recycling industry to be self sustained through reuse.

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