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  • asked in Personal Wellness 9th Aug '16:

    The Chinese, define friendship as lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated towards each other. What defines a friend to you?.

    Phillip Bohwasi replied 22nd Aug '16:

    Friendship is caring both in need and in deed. Friendship is the wide network of people that share and care for each other. Friendship is open caring and goes beyond people that you know because a stranger is just a friend that you have not met. Friendship therefore becomes a habit of caring. It builds around good manners, respect and great passionate feelings that induce care for one another. Friendship riles around good behavior that brings about passion and love for the feelings of others. It is sincere and evolves around the dignity that we bestow to the other. It is like the spirit of UBUNTU, which embraces hospitality, caring for others, being willing to go that extra mile for the sake of another. Ubuntu believes that a person is a person through other persons, and that, according to Desmond Tutu, my humanity is caught up and bound up in yours, therefore, when I dehumanize you, I inexorably dehumanize myself . Friendship is just humane.

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