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  • asked in TV & Film 27th May '16:

    Please share, what is your film philosophy?.

    Ron Maestri replied 16th Jul '16:

    Film is soft.
    Video, HD is harsh.

    Film is forever and a true art form.


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  • Dina Dabbas Rifai

    Dina Dabbas Rifai asked in Arts 27th Jun '16:

    Do you agree that we have to accept anything created, portrayed, or presented by an artist as art?

    Ron Maestri replied 15th Jul '16:

    Artists are guilty of forgetting the business part of show business. Fools who call themselves musicians with no clue how to get paid except hawking CD's for a dollar, and load them up with swear words are mindless.

    They are not even close to being qualified to call their "work" art since they themselves have probably never bought any.

    Stay the course. Do it right. The idea is to get it shown, or get it on the air and sell things people might buy. Not ego. You can't can't cash that at any ATM.

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