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  • asked in Humanities 14th Mar '19:

    Is it progress when video replaces reading to gain knowledge?.
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  • asked in Social Sciences 14th Mar '19:

    If one seeks to communicate with an enemy. What needs to be prepared to proceed forward?.
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  • Brett Topovski

    Brett Topovski asked in Design 8th Mar '19:

    How important is SEO within the design process, when developing a new website?
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  • asked in Design 14th Feb '19:

    How can exaggeration influence design?.
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  • asked in Social Sciences 12th Feb '19:

    Why do you think there has not been an effective USA-Russia trade war?.
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  • asked in Executive Management 12th Feb '19:

    Uncertainty in politics will affect the business world. How has President Trump used uncertainty to the advantage of USA?.
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  • asked in Natural Sciences 11th Feb '19:

    What influence does the scientific community poses, towards reducing the cost of medicine?.
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  • asked in Applied Sciences 11th Feb '19:

    From an academic perspective, how has traveling changed the way you approach academia?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 11th Feb '19:

    What is the trick when it comes to dealing with the gate keepers within the TV and Film world?.
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  • Hashem ElAssad

    Hashem ElAssad asked in TV & Film 10th Feb '19:

    *Purpose of the post: Please Suggest Resources/Demonstrations of Any of the Concepts *Concepts: "All roads do NOT lead to Rome", "Diminishing Returns" "unglamorous can be greater than glamorous" "low-hanging fruits" Concepts 1- "All roads do NOT lead to Rome" "Not all X are created equal" An example of X is career. So not all careers are created equal. And this is the concept I'm trying to convey. Or anything that shows that not all paths are equally valid, beneficial etc… Example of a demonstration for this concept: The scientific evidence behind different nutritional supplements varies in its reliability. 2- Law of diminishing returns At a certain point , increasing the amount of input (e.g. effort) will still lead to an increase in output but at a rate less than before. 3- Unglamorous can be stronger/ better than glamorous. Example of a demonstration for this concept: Mosquitoes are more deadly than lions 4- A similar over-lapping concept to #3 is Low-hanging fruits: Easier action can lead to higher rewards than more difficult action. For example, playing basketball is enjoyable for me. It doesn’t take much motivation to get me going. Showering in icy cold water is painful. Yet, it could be the case that the impact of playing basketball is actually healthier than icy cold showering (just giving this as an example. I could then show a video of someone swimming in icy cold water). Explanation of what I'm looking for I'm looking for resources (videos, pictures, games, activities, articles etc..) that would explain or illustrate ANY of these concepts in an engaging and/or simple way especially to a lay audience. It could be a straightforward explanation like this A video explaining the concept "Co-relation does not equal causation" where the original intent of the video is to explain this concept. Or ,You can be creative; this illustration does not need to be originally made to explain this concept. The analogy can be made independently of the original intention of the resource. For example, if the concept is flexibility in your career, I can find a video of a person demonstrating physical flexibility even though the original intent of the video is not about career flexibility. (For more on what I mean by concept-demonstrating resources, see
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