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General Advertising Guidelines

The following specifies the creative and technical requirements for accepted standard in-banner ad formats:

  • Ads cannot be designed to blend into page content. The ad must be clearly defined within the allowable ad space. To ensure our navigation doesn't get blocked, make the z-index less than 4,999.
  • Ads may not blink, shake, flicker or flash in a disruptive manner. The look and feel of the ad cannot match the MS Windows Alert scheme or misrepresent a user's prompts as an ad. False functionality (a.k.a. fake buttons) is not allowed.
  • The action of clicking on an ad must not initiate an application download, and all clicks must spawn a new browser when the ad unit is clicked.
  • All creative must function uniformly on both MAC and PC formats as well as multiple browser versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

All ads are subject to review.

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